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TFC is a group of small to medium-sized companies that are committed to growing their businesses through marketing.

The Club focuses on how to properly develop a brand and organize your digital marketing to produce a long-term growth strategy that will provide a reliable and predictable source of leads.
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TFC is NOT just a support group of like companies chatting with one another.


TFC is first and foremost:

Access to powerful and cutting-edge technology that we teach you how to use.

A New Website. If you commit to 6 months. We give you a free website. 


Social media done for you. We create content and post it to your social media channels for you, taking a big headache off your plate.

Courses. to teach you how to market yourself online (if you want to DIY)

Access to a Digital Strategist. Slack access to a dedicated digital strategist who will answer your questions and give you marketing advice.


Bi-monthly Live Coaching Sessions via Zoom. Hour-long coaching calls with the group where we teach you one discipline at a time, i.e., how to develop an email list, followed by a Q&A session.


Awards points. You can apply to other services, i.e., a new logo, website, or email campaign!


Reputation Management & Business Profile Syndication. Chat with other members and collaborate.

Google My Business Profile Development. We make sure your GMB account is set up and up to par. Lastly, we give you a call tracking and a chat button so prospective clients can reach you easily. 

The Digital Presence CheckList! The CheckList is possibly the most valuable aspect of the program. It will keep you honest and help you get value out of the program. See below for a deeper dive into what the CheckList is all about.

Membership Details

What's Included?

Marketing Technology
  • ​Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Sales Pipeline Management

  • Google Review Solicitation

  • Reputation Management

  • Missed-call Text-back

  • Marketing Automation / Lead Nurturing 

  • Web forms, and funnel builder

  • SMS and Email Marketing

  • Bookings & Appointments

  • Performance Reporting Dashboard

  • Invoicing

Social Media Done for You!
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This is one of the more popular reasons companies join TFC. This easily covers the price of admission!


We plan and create content for you. We post daily to your social media accounts with a mixture of curated and branded content.

  • 4 Branded Posts/mo

  • The rest curated posts 

We will also schedule it for publishing and monitor the results of its engagement. Our digital strategists analyze what’s working best and then optimize to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Courses &
Courses icon_yellow.png
  • Video tutorials.... our “How To” guides that cover a broad range of digital marketing topics and how to use the platform, feature by feature. 

  • Written “How To” guides.

  • Case studies of successful promotional campaigns

Bi-monthly all member live Seminar / Webinar Series
Seminar series icon_edited yellow.png

Every other Wednesday afternoon we hold a live webinar for members where we will teach a digital marketing discipline and/or how to use a specific feature within the platform, followed by a Q&A session where members can ask questions and get answers to any digital marketing question. 

These are also recorded for viewing at a later time.

The CheckList

How the CheckList works:


Your online presence is your new reputation, your signage to the world. Finding your business, conveying what you do, how you do it, what it’s like working with your company, and why someone would want to hire you are all primarily driven by your website and social media channels today. These things make up the foundation of your online presence.

We’ve witnessed hundreds of companies launch well-built ad campaigns, email campaigns, and webinars, promoting themselves to their target audience, only to watch those dollars be wasted because their foundation wasn’t in order. The interest those campaigns created simply died on the vine due to a lackluster digital presence that turned prospects off.


Establishing an online presence that engages your target audience is at the heart of the program and the first thing TFC focuses on. We start by providing you with a real-life evaluation of your online presence and we compare that to the CheckList. You are responsible for completing and checking items off the list. Each time you check an item off the list and mark it as completed we go into your account and evaluate whether it was done properly, and give you our professional assessment. 


Once the CheckList is complete, you graduate to the first floor, where you are awarded your bonus points, otherwise known as TIMBUC Dollars (TD) (See awards points below for more details). From this point, we encourage you to take action and promote your business using the tools at your disposal.

The Foundation Club and other members are there with you and coach you through the process.

Awards Points

This is a new concept in the agency space. We took a step back when we came up with this idea and asked ourselves how companies utilize marketing today as well as how companies should be utilizing marketing today. 

One of the bigger issues with online marketing is the notion that you can do it occasionally.


If you’re an avid golfer, playing golf occasionally will not improve your game. If you go to the gym, going occasionally will not get you in shape. Saving money occasionally will not build up a big savings account and doing marketing occasionally will rarely net you new customers.


Therefore, we came up with the idea of keeping companies in the game by giving them points for their continued focus on digital promotion and loyalty to TFC. Lastly, we made the price reasonable, again, based on the group dynamic. That way companies can afford to market all the time, and not just occasionally. TIMBUC Dollars can be applied to digital marketing efforts we do for you, such as the design of a new logo, a new website, or an email campaign to promote a new product or service. The twist is that you need to find an individual in your org who is responsible for this effort.

TIMBUC is always there for you!

  • When you join TFC you are automatically awarded 500 TIMBUC Dollars (TD) that can be used, as soon as you graduate to Floor #1 (have gone through the CheckList).

  • Each month you remain in the program, you earn an additional 50 TD!

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