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Social Proof (testimonials): The New Word of Mouth

Updated: Feb 10

By Testimonial Hero

....... And they are far more powerful than a single former customer mentioning you to their friend or family member. They are wide-reaching, build trust, and provide invaluable brand validation.

Every business markets themselves as innovative and new. Every business prides itself on its customer support, dedication to its clients, and a high-quality product or service. All businesses are blogging. All businesses are using Google Ads.

Video testimonials are something different—something your competitors aren't doing (or aren't doing as well as you can).

This article will explore why video testimonials are so great for driving B2B sales, give you the top best practices for creating high-quality, high-impactful video testimonials, and then share seven B2B video testimonials examples you can copy today.

Why Testimonial Videos are Great for B2B

The fact of that matter is that, when it comes to your own business, you are not the most unbiased source of information. You're not exactly objective, are you?

So why should your customers trust you? Even if you seem honest, you are not in business exclusively to help other businesses succeed.


Before I work with you, your sales team is going to promise me the world. Their job is to say whatever they need to say to get me to sign the dotted line.


And in the B2B space, your prospective clients know it.


So why should they trust you?


They shouldn't, and they don't.


But your clients? The people who have worked with you before and have no incentive to lie on your behalf? What possible reason would they have to mess me around?


That, right there, is why testimonials are so impactful: your previous clients provide an objective account of how you helped them.


A few more reasons video testimonials are so great for B2B sales:


  • Video testimonials are from people like your target customer

  • They can showcase specific benefits.

  • Showing a real face personalizes your business.

  • Real-world numbers make the effect your business had on your client's success feel more concrete to prospective clients.

Video Testimonial Best Practices

  • Focus on creating high-quality video. A video testimonial shot from your phone, without B-roll, quality audio, or lighting, is actually more detrimental to your business' objectives than no video testimonial at all. Consider using a professional third party who creates video testimonials for a living.

  • Use specific video testimonials to target specific campaigns toward a segment of your target market. For instance, if you're running a Cyber Monday promotion of your Widget X6000, use a video testimonial on the landing page from a client who uses (and loves) the Widget X6000.

  • Share the client's story, first. You want your prospective customers to feel connected to your clients. The more relevant they are, the more impact their testimonial will have on the decision to buy.

  • Discuss the pain point. After your client has introduced themselves, ask them to share the pain point which your business addressed. Again (as above), you want your prospective customers to feel that this person (and, thus, your business) knows their specific frustrations and can solve them.

  • Share specific numbers: The easiest way to make your video testimonials believable is to include real people sharing real details. Not, "This product was great and I recommend it," but "This product increased the rate at which MQLs became SQLs by 34% in the first six months."

Now you're well aware of video testimonials, why they're incredible, and the best practices for creating them. Let's dive into some powerful video testimonial examples.

B2B Testimonial Video Examples

Sometimes the best way to understand how something works isn't to read about it or hear a lecture, but to see it in action.

As a result, we've included seven successful B2B video testimonial examples from businesses like yours. We've also broken down what makes each one great, enabling you to copy the best parts of these testimonials for your own.

Let's get rolling.

B2B Video Testimonial Example #1 UI Path

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Personality: Straight from the get-go, the prospective buyer can tell that this is a real person (not a paid actor). Showing your genuine interactions with your previous clients is a great way to increase the trust your prospective clients have in you.

  • Clarity: This video testimonial says everything clearly, so there's no ambiguity for the viewer. For instance, the client says, "UI Path is the software that helps us..." If that need is shared by the viewer, immediately they know that the client's experience is relevant to them.

  • Saying the words: "For someone who is looking to..." As above, you want to avoid ambiguity in your video testimonials. A best practice is to actually ask them, "So, would you recommend our business?" and record their response. It might seem aggressive, but you want your prospective customer to hear the words.

B2B Video Testimonial Example #2 InsightSquared

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • B-Roll: This video testimonial shows the value of B-Roll. If this video was just a static shot of the business CEO talking, it would be boring. Instead, with shots of the business' employees and dashboards, the viewer gets not just a more engaging video to watch, but the sense that, yes, this is a real company like my own.

  • Mentions competitors: Most B2B buyers are well aware of your competitors. In fact, they're probably watching this video testimonial to help them make a choice between you. If your clients mention that competitor (in this case, Salesforce), and describe a specific benefit of working with you, it can be incredibly impactful on the prospective client's decision.

B2B Video Testimonial Example #3 Explainify

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Multiple interviews: Showing that your business has made multiple people (in multiple roles) happy is a powerful way to show how great you really are. Multiple interviews also increase your chance of having your clients' words resonate with more people.

  • Really saying the words: There's no confusion with the statement, "For anybody out wondering if you should work with Explainify, I think it's a very simple answer. The answer's yes."

B2B Video Testimonial Example #4 Robin

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Shares common pain-points: If you can identify frequent pain points of your clients, you should identify a customer who has experienced them and feature that customer in your video testimonial. For example, in this video, the customer shares their problem with previous space booking solutions (a frequent pain point), and how the company addressed that specific pain point.

B2B Video Testimonial Example #5 FineDine

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Specific numbers: This testimonial features real-world, concrete numbers which will resonate with the viewer. How much more effective is "We've increased our liquor and food sales about 15-20%" than "It was great. We grew a lot"?

  • Shows the platform in action: If you sell a product which looks great, feature it in your video testimonial as much as you do on your product pages - even if it's software. This video testimonial focuses on the intuitiveness and polish of the brand's software in the hands of real users (the restaurant's customers).

B2B Video Testimonial Example #6 BlueTarp

What makes this B2B video testimonial great:

  • Shows benefits for multiple roles: This testimonial features both customers at the director level and the analyst level. Because you can never be sure what level of employee your video testimonial will be seen by, it's best practice to include multiple testimonials from multiple customers. And ensure that those customers share the benefits which resonate specifically with them (which may not be the same benefits as their boss sees).

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of both why video testimonials can have such an impact on your business' bottom line and how you can start using them.

The video testimonial examples have taught us to:

  • Only feature video testimonials if they're high-quality. A low-quality video is more damaging for your brand than no video at all.

  • Use the right testimonial at the right time. If possible, it should speak directly to the product or service you're promoting.

  • Feature specific benefits and specific numbers. This will increase how "real" the testimonial feels as well as make the effect of your business more concrete.

  • Feature the "realness" of your clients. If they're funny or quirky, include it. The whole point of a video testimonial is to create trust, and authenticity will do that more than any script.

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