Are you leaving money on the table when you sell?
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Many publishers need to act like agencies today and take a more holistic view of their client's needs. If your clients ask for digital products and you don't have them then you may be missing out on a sale.


Arm your sales force with a full suite of digital products from TIMBUC they can be confident selling. You can add these to your portfolio to create a new revenue stream or to simply retain greater control over your clients.

PreSales Reports
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Website Design and Development
(at wholesale rates)
Content Marketing
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Digital Marketing
(at wholesale rates)
Paid Advertising
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How We Work With You

It's easy 


PreSales Reports 


Fill out the Presales Report request. TIMBUC will acknowledge receipt and notify you when the report is ready. Salespeople typically request one of these a day or two before their pitch.

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Presales Reports show what your potential customer's digital presence looks like at that point in time. These reports contain rich data, such as competitive information and even how much is being spent on digital advertising. They typically make you look VERY professional and often help to close the deal. 


Order Services

Orders are always followed up by a call to make sure we understand the particulars.

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We can work directly with your clients or with your internal staff and be invisible throughout the process. It's your choice.


Fulfillment & Reporting 

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Whether it's a website we're building or a comprehensive digital ad campaign across Google and Facebook, we ALWAYS keep your organization in the know on delivery times and/or performance. 



1) We can bill your organization so that you can bill your client with markup, or 

2) We can bill your client directly


It's your choice. 

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