Outsourced Search Marketing

Why Search Marketing?

In 2018, Google’s search and advertising tools helped provide $335 billion of economic activity for more than 1.3 million businesses, website publishers, and nonprofits nationwide. Every month, Google helps drive over 1 billion direct connections, like calls and online reservations, for businesses nationwide.

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Information provided by Google, Inc.

Why Use a Search Marketing Expert?

It’s no surprise that most businesses would like to be represented on the Search Engine of choice. However, getting your business or your client’s business up on Google, actively monitoring its progress and optimizing it for the best results at the best possible price isn’t always as straight forward or as quick as some might think. 

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A reasonably intelligent person with little knowledge of PPC can get started quickly with Google Ads. They’ve made it a lot easier and user friendly for the average advertiser to create campaigns. Although, following best practices and using the myriad of features they provide to get the most out of your investment is not as easy as it may look.


Google Ads launches new features almost monthly and they go through several major upgrades each year. There’s also more to it than just creating a campaign, launching it and letting it run. You must also be ready for practices like A/B ad copy testing, negative keywords, where to direct traffic and monitoring results. If you don't have a well built and optimized website or landing page then all that hard work and investment can be lost on costly clicks.


Throwing good money and time at a solution you don’t know much about could be a huge waste of your resources.   

Channel Obstacles

Likewise, agencies and others who resell PPC advertising on Google face different obstacles, such as hiring an experienced staff to build and manage multiple campaigns and the technology to manage and report on them often costs more than they make.

TIMBUC solves both problems with a new model. There are more than enough freelance workers with PPC experience. It’s just a matter of finding them, negotiating a price and then making sure they have the right tools they need to get the job done.


TIMBUC does the vetting, gives the buyer and the seller a safe and efficient marketplace in which to conduct business and supplies the technology needed so that you can simply request help at your preferred price. Once you’ve found your freelance worker, the platform enables quick and transparent PPC campaign creation.

Your PPC freelance worker is guided by our software and methodology. This keeps freelancers inside of an environment that encourages best practices and artificial intelligence augments their abilities with suggestions for improvement along the way.

TIMBUC acts as a clearninghouse, guaranteeing our freelancer's work and supporting advertisers, agencies, PPC resellers and our freelance workers.