Founding Clients Program


A lot of high-tech companies raise venture capital. We believe in selling our products to companies, making them happy and growing organically. 

However, one thing venture capital does solve is that pesky time problem. It takes time to organically grow your client base. And, sometimes it's hard to get clients without a viable product. 

We believe we've solved the .... "it's hard to get clients without a viable product" issue. We have a very nice product - outsourced digital advertising. We seamlessly create, optimize, manage and report on digital advertising for you/your clients. They don't even need to know we EXIST!

But, we have our eyes on a much larger pursuit - we intend to be THE GIG SITE the world turns to for Digital Advertising Professionals and campaign creation, management, reporting, and billing. 

With such lofty goals, we needed a means of growing quickly, to fund all the things that are important to launching such a site, i.e. sales, marketing, development, etc... So we came up with this idea:

The Big Idea

We're going to give away 30% of OUR COMPANY to our "Founding Clients"!

Here's how it works:

  • The Clock has Already Started!

  • Once we hit $15M a year in media spend we will stop the program and divvy up the shares based on who has spent what. 

Here's a mathematical example:

  • Let's say 100 clients gets us to $15M in media spend.

  • When we hit that number, Agency XYZ (a client) has $20K a month in media spend ($240K per yr), which equates to 1.6% of the pool of shares. So Agency XYZ would own 1.6% of TIMBUC.

240K / 15,000,000 = 0.016

And, BTW, we don't need to wait a year. We will divvy up shares once we hit the monthly amount of: 


Getting Started

This is the easy part. All you need to do is register as a Founding Client (FC) here. You'll get an FC ID # and then we'll help you get started with TIMBUC as a client. And by the way, Founding Clients will be treated as the most important clients. They get support priority.

We will be tracking your progress and sending you share-reports, which will show you how much you theoretically own.

(It's all theory until we hit that magic number)