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Digital Advertising

Effective Advertising Compels People to Learn, Remember and Take Action by Engaging with a Brand

Paid Search on Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and others such as Bing, LinkedIn and Amazon PPC are all great sources of direct marketing traffic.  You can use these sources to effectively and rapidly grow your business and brand your company. 

One of our greatest assets is our ability to create ads that compel users to engage. 

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Direct Marketing

Our Methodology: Pairing Publisher Features with Client Goals

Google Ads & Facebook Ads both offer a variety of features and characteristics that can be mixed and matched to produce specific results. However, knowing which to use depends entirely on your marketing objectives.

Educate the Market

A branding campaign is probably the best course of action using display ads on Google's Ad Network and/or Facebook

Acquire Leads

A direct marketing campaign using Google's Search Network, followed by a retargeting campaign


your PPC campaign will need to be tied directly to conversion metrics and Google Analytics

Mobile App Download

A Google Universal App download campaign or Facebook App Download Campaign objective is most likely in order

Ad variables that TIMBUC helps pair and apply to each campaign: 

Ad Features - Ad Extensions



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Ad Placement - Ad Campaign Types

Search ads icon.png

Search Network Ads

Display Ads icon2.png

Display Ad Network Ads

Video Ad

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Unversersal App Campaigns

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Re-targeting Campaigns

Shopping Ads icon.png

Shopping Ad 

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