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By: Taylor Treese Date: Feb 2020
Direct marketing has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Digital marketing is now the predominant method to promote products and services. However, advertisers are still very much in the dark about how to do this. Couple all of this with a burgeoning marketing technology arena and you have the birth of a new cottage industry, the small to medium size digital agency and/or freelance marketer. So how do you make money at this game?
I’ve been in or around the agency business model for roughly 20 years. I’ve worked directly for agencies, digital publishers (who often act like agencies), and MarTech software companies catering to agencies. I know the struggles of this space. Most often it's big success, followed by the fall from grace after the loss of a large client. This industry has also seen cutting edge marketing technologies fail spectacularly, i.e., Groupon and Yahoo.
Likewise, on the other side, we’ve seen meteoric success stories as a result of well executed online marketing strategies, i.e. Airbnb and their unique content marketing strategy. The Agency model can be a
lucrative one and even a very satisfying career; after all, you can make a difference. You can be the one responsible for your client’s success.